Friday, August 11, 2006

Blogging for a Flogging, ... and my God, I'm Brilliant!

I could be flogged for this, but I'm bored of summer. I couldn't tell you what the date is. I know it's August, but please don't press me for a number. July was simpler because I was counting down to the release of "Bella Fiore", but August has been a blur of playdates, swimming, shopping for needless things (that's another blog), and bbqs. I know I'll regret these unquestionaly bizarre feelings when there's two feet of snow on the ground and I can't start my car, but for now I say - "Bring on Fall!!!!"
It's not a weather-issue but a state-of-mind-issue. During the year, and by that I mean September thru mid-June, it's all business; but during the summer, my mind feels like it's on holidays. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I have a hard time being productive, and that includes sitting down to serious writing, housework, or any must-do task, especially one with a deadline. I don't enjoy summer cooking (aside from bbq-ing) so sadly have been relying much too heavily (pun intended) on McDonald's and Tim Horton's handy-dandy drive thrus.
But I'm bored already! I long for a routine, for my children to be back on a normal sleeping schedule, school!, piano lessons, karate, my up-coming gym membership kicking-in, and for the hum-drum sameness of Monday to Friday with adventures reserved for weekends.
I think the trouble with summer is that everyday feels like an endless Saturday so there's nothing really to look forward to.
EUREEKA! I just had an a-ha moment! Let's face it - the best part of the weekend is Thursday. The 'looking forward' to the weekend and the adventures it promises. On Thursday, you begin anticipating the possiblities, planning, organizing fun things, discussing them with family and friends. My mind has already left the dreary work-week behind and I'm beginning the weekend mentally. So I'm actually enjoying a three day work week and a four-day weekend! My God, I'm brilliant. Or at least I've fooled myself into thinking so...

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