Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Humpty Ego had a great fall

... and speaking of contradictions -
My ego was both boosted and bruised this morning. My darling first-born, in response to a fellow six-year-old's comment that his mom works all day but mostly comes home at night, replied "Well, my mom is just a writer."
A Writer! Someone actually thinks of me as A Writer. I've been called A Writer - out loud - in a public place! Okay, so only a handful of second graders were present, but WOW!!! I have the cleverest child IN THE WORLD!!
Hey, wait a darn minute, . . .
"...just a writer."
?? "JUST" ???
C R A S H ! !
The sound of my ego falling off the park bench and scuttling into the nearest crack in the pavement.
I better just get back to my computer.


Lady Aeval said...

Don't you love the little guys? My 5 yo says "my mom just works on the computer all day." Yeah, right. I play games all day just like your brothers, huH?

Wylie Kinson said...

However, I used to say "my mom's just a mom" when I was a kid. It's CLEARLY come back to haunt me in a karma-up-the-ass sort of way.