Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sexy Pirates, Vendetta, and Dilana - don't speak!

Has it really been an entire week since I've blogged? The week has gone by entirely too fast!
In writing ...
Needed a break from "Lucy's Island" so began work on an erotic romance pirate story that will hopefully be included in an anthology (more about this later). The new story is called (tentatively) "The Hawk and the Mouse". Here's the first line: "Sebastian knew he was in hell the moment he stepped through the door; and it was exactly where he wanted to be."
Does it make you want to keep reading?

In movies ...
Saw 'V for Vendetta' and LOVED IT! I'm adding it to my fave movies list. Political drama/thriller, wonderfully executed, well acted. Very poignant, very reflective of the times we live in, though interestingly enough, it was written in the 80's about the Thatcher era in England! Yet it's more relevant in this day and age. The parallels between Bush, terrorism, media, fear-mongering for control, conspiracies... JUST SEE THIS MOVIE. The dialogue (and there is a lot of it) is perfect. I put on the subtitles so I could read along. In a movie such as this, where the dialogue is so rich, so many ideas coming across in an almost poetic cadence, I like to turn on the subtitles so I can follow along reading as well as listening. Must be the avid reader in me, but I find it enhances my experience.
In television ...
Rockstar: Supernova continues to offer spectacular performances. Ryan 'Dark Horse' Star performed an original that was worthy of immediate radio play, although I still don't believe he should front the band. He'd be a terrific solo artist. Toby 'The Thunder from Down Under', did a rockin' job when he got to perform a new Supernova tune. I admit I was skeptical before hearing the SN original ( I wasn't a fan of Metallica, Guns n Roses or Motely Crue), but it proved very enjoyable - even catchy. It was called ... 'something something and Five Other Cliches'.
And my all-time favorite, Dilana, proved to be a coniving, backstabbing bitch, who talked quite nastily about her fellow contestants to reporters. Ohhhhh -- has she blown her chance? Only time will tell! Dave N and the band really gave her a hard time (and rightly so!) -- but she still has better 'Supernova' qualities than any other contestant, so who knows. And loath that I am to say it, I miss Zayra!

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