Sunday, September 03, 2006

What Have I Become? and Tres Funny

When I began blogging, I SWORE that I wouldn't become a once-a-weeker, and here I am - exactly what I didn't want to become. Here's the thing: I had house guests all week and have been too busy to check my email, let alone come up with witty, newsy things to chat to no-one about. But it has been an exciting week!
Good, no GREAT movie:
If you live in Canada, or are Canadian (you lucky bastards), get yourself to the theatre to see 'Bon Cop, Bad Cop'. HILARIOUS! I must admit, I was skeptical going in - I mean, Canada ain't Bollywood - but it was very entertaining, extremely well-acted, and delightful from start to finish. It's 'change your panty-liner funny. It highlights the Canadien/Canadian stereotypes brilliantly, with equal mocking of both sides, makes fun of our unnatural obsession with hockey, - all with an enjoyable plot. The dialogue switches between French and English with subtitles to help the monolinguists. Did you know that the French word 'tabernac' in it's masculine and feminine forms can be used as verb, noun and adjective, much like the English equivalent of 'fuck'? It's discussed in a particularily side-splitted scene while the main characters are trying to shove a very large badguy into a trunk -- sort of reminiscent of the Quarter Pounder/Burger Royale speech in 'Pulp Fiction' -- only better!

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