Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Idle Musings, Thanksgiving

Why does Paris Hilton pose for every picture with her pelvis jutted forward? I always feel sorry for whomever she happens to be standing beside for having to put up with Paris's dirty hipbones poking them in the tummy. If it were me, I'd give her a little shove because you know she'd tip right over backwards. ROTFLMAO!!! Ahhh, the images running through my head...
And does anyone really care about Jennifer and Vince breaking up? Really??
And why is perfectly good newsprint wasting space on the supposed-upcoming-any-day-now nuptuals of Tom and his robot bride?
And going back to Paris, do we really need to know where she went clubbing over the weekend? Is this relevant? Is it news? Why do people give her so much attention? Do you think the residents of Paris, France will unite to change the name of their fabulous 'city of lights' to avoid association with that dirty, low-class, untalented chit?
They should.
Can you tell I just caught up on the weekend papers?

Thanksgiving (Canadian style) was an awesome event. We drove way way way up north, about 5 hours, to one of the most beautiful places on this earth. Vibrantly colored trees, mirror-surfaced lakes, craggy rock cuts with veins of quartz and granite glittering in the autumn sun, and the long empty stretches of nothingness reminded me how truly wondrous the Canadian landscape is. Made me wish I was a painter instead of a writer. I would have loved to commit those visions to canvas.

It was our first visit to Widgawa Lodge for Thanksgiving and though we knew our hosts and one other couple, the folks we met made for a truly memorable experience. Our new-found friends included the owner of a chocolate shop (my new bff!) and a gent who is currently running for mayor of his home town (I'd vote for him in a heartbeat!). Amongst the Canadians, there was a Scot, an Irishman, a Bermudian, and an Englishwoman. Though it sounds like the beginning of a joke (and they all walked into a bar...), it was a lovely international gathering of friends and family brought together to give thanks for our good fortune.
Of course, it goes without saying that it was a three-day cocktail hour punctuated with a healthy dose of laughter, games and fresh air (not necessarily in that order).
* Private message - Mel, we did miss you!! *

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