Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Off the Bookshelf

Finished two books over the last week and these are my general thoughts:
Labyrinth by Kate Mosse - it's been compared to The Davinci Code but don't believe it. It's not better or worse, just very different in terms of it's presentation. TDC was so fast paced the reader barely had time to catch a breath. Lab took it's time, switching between two related stories taking place 800 years part. It was much fuller than TDC, but not as much fun. It was historically accurate, which in itself was frightening, because it addressed religious differences -- a disturbing parallel to today's killings 'in the name of God'. I highly recommend Labyrinth, but be prepared to be shocked at our own dark Christian/Catholic history. It's a story that won't leave your head quickly.
The Devil's Feather by Minette Walters - (it just occured to me that both of these authors are British. No deep meaning in this, just an observation.) I've always liked Minette Walters. Her books are classified as mysteries, but she offers a sophisticated level of human psychology, drama, and darkness that puts her far beyond the likes of Agatha Christie or Dick Francis. Her novels don't tend to get wrapped up in a final scene - there are no Hollywood endings, and The Devil's Feather is no different. This can be a wee bit frustrating (hey, who doesn't like the answer sheet?), but Minette Walters respects the intelligence of her audience enough to let us figure out our own conclussions based on the obvious and subtle clues she drops along the way. A very very good read.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wylie,
Noted on Laberynth, already on my list of books to acquire...I'd recommend you The Davinci Legacy from Lewis Perdue. It is in the same league with TDC...
On lighter news, you've been tagged! So drop by my blog to find out the details.

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks for the tip, Jose! I'll keep my eyes open for Davinci Legacy...
always looking for new books to keep me up through the wee hours!
Cheers ~