Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Book Review - not from me!

Here's where I say my bit about not being a book review site: lots of sites in cyberland that do it far better than I, blah blah blah...

But I have to say, after having my socks knocked off with M.A. Everaux 'The Claiming of Moira Shine', I decided to check out the only other story she has in the Ellora's Cave catalogue. 'North Wolf' is about weres, so there is no chance I would have bought it had I just been browsing for a book to read. Creature stories really aren't my thing,... at least I thought they weren't! I must admit, I was hooked on it from page 1, perhaps to a lesser degree than 'Moria Shine', but her story had me intrigued enough to stay up way past my bedtime. Her characters are powerful and frightening, yet vulnerable and sweet. Apparently (according to my secret sources bwahahahah) it was her first story, had major edits/rewrites, but it paid off for her bigtime. And although a 'North Wolf' is an engagingly good story, you can see by comparison the polish and shine she applied to her sophmore effort.
I'm looking forward to a 'North Wolf' spinoff with the alpha wolf's brother as the hero. Are you listening M.A.??

PS - Meh! The cover just doesn't do the story justice, either.


Amy Ruttan said...

I have to say I am intrigues to read Ms. Everaux; she's on my never ending list To Be Read.

I checked out your webiste, loved your poetry.

Wylie Kinson said...

Hi Amy!
My website? My long ignored, never updated, sadly neglected website. (cringe)
I'm not really a 'poet' but sometimes I have these 'word explosions' that don't seem to have a story line or fit into one of my books.

I liked your STrek list, btw. I've never been a fan (dare I admit that?), but enjoyed your thirteen none the less.