Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Moira Shine" Sizzles!

Oh, mama...
Just read M.A. Everaux's "The Claiming of Moira Shine" (Ellora's Cave) and yikes, it was sizzling.
I've said it many times before - this ain't a book review blog... there are too many out there doing it much better than I ever could, but trust me when I say: Read this book. And be prepared to take a cold shower when you're done. Ms. Everaux only has one other book on EC, which I fully intend to buy once I come down from "Moira Shine", but I'll look out for her in the future - for sure.


Amy R. said...

Oh I love Ellora's Cave. I'll check that book out for sure, I'm always looking for a sizzler.


Wylie Kinson said...

You won't be sorry, Amy. Just warn your husband ahead of time :)

This was my first foray into EC. Do you have any recommendations for me?