Friday, November 17, 2006

Craig, Daniel Craig

Just saw Casino Royale and though I was sceptical about this new Daniel Craig fella, I must say he' s da bomb! (sorry, Sean)
He had me from the first scene - he's fierce, craggy and completely believable in the role. He makes Pierce and Roger look like spy parodies and imho, he even beats Sean on the role.
He's not a good looking man compared to the ilk of Brad, Matt D, etc... but he's got sex appeal to the nth degree and a body that took my breath away. He plays a convincing fight scene, is stellar to watch in the action bits and oh, did I mention sexy?
The opening credits were meh. The song was fine, but the classic Bond opening with the dancing nude silhouettes wasn't up to par.
As for the movie -- it's wins the 'Wylie Award' for best script, action, evil dudes, and femmes... because it wasn't over-the-top ridiculous and only one scene suffered from gaget-itis, and even that wasn't bad. No hokey names for the females, either. And only a few ridiculous one-liners, but because there were so few, those few worked. (did ya follow that?)
The audience was filled with teenagers, so naturally I expected unnessessary chatter, giggling and cell-phone ringing but I was proven so very wrong. You could have heard a pin drop in the theatre for the entire two and a half hours (except for the requisite 'oohs' and 'aahs'), and the theater exploded into applause at the end of the movie! I haven't seen that since,... since,... well, I can't remember because it's been so long.

Daniel Craig as Bond will surely give me days of inspiration for writing romance/erotica - yee haw!


Amy R said...

I know Daniel is growing on me as well. Casino Royale is one I definately have to see, sigh, I think I will be bumping poor Sean down a notch because I can't get that image of Daniel in speedos coming out of the water out of my head. YOWZER

Wylie Kinson said...

I'm not normally one to ooh and ahh over movie stars (ok, maybe Brad). It's all very childish...
but ahhhh, Daniel in the swim trunks! There were actually TWO 'emerging from the water' scenes. Not to mention the nude scene.
I didn't even mention his amazing blue eyes in the blog post. How could I have been so remiss?

Sanjay said...

I'm not normally one to ooh and ahh over movie stars