Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pull the Trigger or Pass the Valium

There's a gun to my head and I wish she'd just pull the trigger already!!
My latest, 'Bella Fiore', has moved from the 'to be read' column to the 'to be reviewed' column on Bam's (it's not chick porn) book review site. I love reading Bam's reviews and cover snark. She's brutally honest and writes with equal parts sarcasm and candor that only a 20-something can get away with. She appeals to the nasty sarcastic side of me that I don't let out often ;D -- at least not in public.
Anyway - Bam's had my book on her shelf for awhile and I've dreaded this review for sometime now. She's a romance novel junkie, so she's seen it all - aliens, three-somes, m/m, f/f, sweet innocence, hardcore, paranormal, vampires, etc...
I'm nervous because the protagonist in 'Bella Fiore' is a bored housewife that I'm not sure Bam can relate to (or would even want to!).
I'm nervous because she reads everything from Mary Jo Putney to Laurell K Hamilton and next to these two professionals, my writing is like that of a third grader (albeit a sexually active one! bwahahahahah).
I'm nervous because if she slams my book, the immature side of me won't want to visit her site ever again and the mature part of me will miss it dearly!

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