Saturday, November 11, 2006

Small print for a small day.

I'm feeling very small today. Bam reviewed 'Bella Fiore' and was not kind. I truthfully did not expect the review to be THAT bad, but it was scathing and it really hurt my feelings. Foolish, I know. It's one person's opinion, blah blah blah... but quite honestly, I held back the tears and bit my lip til it bled while reading it. So I felt a bit bruised for a few days but in the end, had to admit she was quite correct about a few issues - which I hope to correct in future works. But she called my humour cheesy!! It was written very tongue-in-cheek and I guess it didn't come across that way to her, but...
I shall keep writing, and improving (hopefully).
I did get two favorable reviews from TwoLips and CoffeeTime so why am I dwelling?? The comments I got from Bam's readers were very nice and encouraging, so I thank those sensitive souls very much for their kind words (L.E. Bryce, Kate Rothwell, Jackie Kessler, K.D.), and my new critique partner, TL, who will hopefully slap my fingers for using too many outrageous dialogue tags in future!
On to other things:
Still waiting to hear back from e-publisher re 'The Color of Passion'. Though she stated it would take two to four weeks, that has not stopped me from checking my in-box everytime I pass my computer. I'm having an extra difficult time moving on to my pirate story knowing that TCOP is sitting on her desk!
My in-laws are visiting for the weekend and are shopping like mad. I'm sure the Canadian economy will flourish this quarter. They've bought out half of our mall, Toys R Us, Old Navy, Sears, etc...
Now I'm off to pretend to cook a fabulous meal for my house guests. I'm really going to open a few jars of sauce and call it my own ;D
Shhhh, no telling!


Anonymous said...

Well, kudos to you for being brave enough to send Bella Fiore to one of the super-snarky review sites. There's a super-snarky site to which I've considered sending Thy Eternal Summer, but I haven't been able to work up the intestinal fortitude to do it. :)

And "cheesy?" I don't find your humor cheesy at all. IMO, you do humor very well. :)

Sending big hugs and virtual chocolate by the truckload.

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks TL. I sent it to Bam because she is snarky, candid and honest (unlike my dear mother who loves whatever I put on paper). Therefore I shouldn't pout, or be down (I'm not now), because I asked for it and got it with both guns.
My chin is back up, and stories are swirling through my brain at high speed so even if I'm not a very good writer (yet), I HAVE TO WRITE.

Thanks for the truckload of chocolate!