Monday, February 12, 2007

Pussycat update

Still no Moritimer Tea Flash. Hubby made up some posters and we drove around all morning attaching them to the post boxes in the neighbourhood.
I'm distraught to distraction.
How do I tell my kids?
Thanks for all the supportive words.


Anonymous said...

Don't give up hope! And the posters are a great idea.

Here's something to try, too, if you haven't: whatever Mortimer's favorite smelly food is, you and hubby get some and carry it in an open container. Take a walk around your neighborhood with Mortimer's favorite food, and call for him. When cats get on a roaming streak and stray from home, sometimes they will freak themselves out and hide somewhere -- your voices together with the smell of his favorite smelly food may well reassure him enough to bring him out. I'm sure he's missing home by now.

I hope you guys are reunited with Mortimer soon, and I'm sending huge comforting hugs your way.

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks, TL. I'm sending my reply off-blog...