Monday, February 12, 2007


He's baaaaaack!!!
After 52 hours M.I.A., Mortimer Tea Flash has found his way home!!! I'm ridiculously relieved. I haven't slept for two nights thinking of him lying injured and helpless, freezing into a kitty-popsicle in this way below freezing weather. I don't know where he's been, but this is what I deduce:
  • he's not groomed - which tells me he felt too distressed for the normal twice-daily licky baths
  • he's not cold (at all!) so he couldn't have even had a long walk home from where-ever he was because it's freaking windy, snowy and cold up here
  • he's not dehydrated, weak or sickly looking - so he must have had access to water at the very least
  • so I'm thinking that he was either trapped in someone's garage, or someone took him in thinking he was a stray (despite collar with phone number) and the posters made the 'someone' realize he's owned/missed/loved so they let him out to find his way home
Whatever... I have found peace! Thanks all for your encouraging words, positive thoughts and kitty-mom support.
Poor cat isn't going to see the outside again until summertime!


Anonymous said...

*~*~*~*WOO HOO!!!!*~*~* Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

Oh, I'm delighted for you, and can you hear my exhalation of relief all the way from East TN to Canada? Hee!

Please give dear Mortimer a kiss and snuggles from me and the Ballicai!

Amy Ruttan said...

Oh man I'm sorry I didn't know your kitty was missing. I had a huge migraine yesterday. I am so glad that he's ok and he's been found. YAY, so happy!

Geez, I miss a day and cats go missing and things blow up etc.,

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks, guys... !
The tennis ball that was wedged between my eyebrows is also gone. I didn't even realize I was collecting so much 'forehead tension' until it was gone. Now I need Botox! ;)

Amy - that's what you get for missing a whole day! What blew up??
Frankly, except for my kitty postings, I've not checked out anyone's blog since the cat-concern set in so I, too, have some catching up to do!

amy said...

Im soo happy for you! I cant imagine what you were feeling

Christine said...

I'm so happy that he made it back safe and sound. There isn't a worse feeling in the world than losing your cat. I hope you all sleep well tonight.

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks for your comments! I did sleep well last night. Like the dead, in fact, and so did my kids for a change! To quote the bard - All's well that ends well!

Amy Ruttan said...

What blew up, WORK. My boss goes away for a day, and BLAM, the whole world has to fall apart and no one can wait till he gets back on the 26th. UGH.

Glad you found your pussy. Also probably good you didn't name your entry that either although the hits to your site would have been phenomenal, if not disappointing. ;)

Vicky said...

:) So happy he's back! And I don't blame you... wouldn't want to let him out again ever! :)