Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6 - IF I RULED THE WORLD (mwa-ha-ha!)

13 Things I would do IF I RULED THE WORLD!

  1. Our motto would be “Live and Let Live”… as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Everyone else, just go about your business and don’t judge others.
  2. Everyone is welcomed to their own religion/belief system, as long as they keep it to themselves. No going door-to-door or other recruitment schemes unless someone calls your head office and specifically asks for literature. No religious holidays (exception – see item #3). If you want a day off for Easter, Chanukah, Eid, Ramadan, etc, take vacation time. (Of course – everyone would get 6 weeks vacation time per year in MY world!)
  3. On a similar note, we ALL celebrate a week of Peacemas, no matter our religion, as a time of year to share our wealth, spread some love, celebrate our cultural diversity, and help retailers stay in the black. (This would replace the commercialized version of Christmas. Real Christians can still have Dec 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus, or whatever.)
  4. Nobody works on Wednesdays. This would become a weekly Hump-Day Holiday, since we’ve gone and ruined Sunday. All offices, malls, schools, gov’t buildings, etc would be under mandatory closure. I’m even thinking of cutting internet service on this day. Note: This is not to replace ‘the sabbath’ blah blah blah,… but everyone needs to spend a little time relaxing, enjoying family, friends and generally doing nothing. Go outside and play, read a book, take your mother on a picnic, exercise, have FUN! In fact, let’s fine people who are caught at the office. Yeah…
  5. Laws. Yes, there would many, but they’d make sense. Any person ‘in authority’ -- police, priests, teachers, doctors, -- folks who we trust with our lives and with our children, would automatically get DOUBLE the sentence for their crimes (like a crooked cop, or a priest who molests a kid). And in My World, anyone who victimizes a child is immediately sentenced to death (and you know I’m not talking about a spanking!). Rapists would get mandatory 20 years (after castration, of course), and have to pay for their victims psychological counseling as long as they need it, even if it means becoming their personal slave.
  6. In order to bring a child into this world, you’d need a license. Okay – this sounds a bit draconian, but seriously, you need a license to own a dog, drive a car, go fishing, but anyone with a womb can have a child? Not in my world! The license would be granted after the parent/s — married/cohabitating/same-sex – doesn’t matter -- pass a simple, common-sense test about the basics of parenting. Not just anyone should have children. Yes, you could argue that it’s our right,… yada yada yada, but it’s not your right to then mistreat, neglect, and abandon your child either. A simple ‘parenting skills’ test (followed by classes for those who score low) would solve a lot of social problems.
  7. Everyone would get a complimentary paid day-off on their birthday. Gosh, if you can’t celebrate the fact that you’re born, who the hell will!
  8. Teachers, nurses, ERT’s, and _______ (go ahead, fill in your occupation!) would get paid more than baseball players because they make a difference in the world. A man who hits a little white ball with a stick doesn’t.
  9. One person, one vote. BUT… all persons must qualify to vote. That means you must pass a simple test to prove you know the basic difference between Liberal/Democratic, Socialist, Communist, Conservative/Republican. It’s astounding how many don’t! Also – you have to point to the capital of your country on a map. It’s astounding how many can’t!
  10. A woman’s right to abortion would be decided by her and her doctor and NOBODY ELSE.
  11. Feminine hygiene products would be free. As would all choices of birth control available to both men and women.
  12. No wars. No more sending 18 year old kids to die ‘defending our great nation, our freedom, our liberty!’ If two old men want to fight over borders, land, resources, etc… let’s give them both sticks and let ‘em duke it out. Or, it will be decided by the board game, RISK.
  13. All that money saved by not having wars would go into education. Knowledge is the key to so many problems. Just think – a world full of smart people! We’d cure diseases, make intelligent choices to stop/fix global warming, celebrate the arts, … Sadly, there wouldn’t be anyone left to appear on, or watch, Jerry Springer!

Ahhh, if I ruled the world!!

What would YOU do?

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Vicky said...

I should get number 9 tattoed to my forehead! I don't vote because I don't understand it, and well, I hate Canadian politics I don't think one group of people is worse than the other... What's that saying? Same sh**t, different pile.

I had a fight with a woman last year when she came to my front door telling me that I should vote for _____ (whoever it was) anyways. She said that I should vote, I owe it to myself, and we got into a full on argument YELLING and screaming about it. She ended up storming off after I refused to take the Goddamn fridge magnet! In my perfect world those ppl wouldn't exist.

And sadly, I suck at Geography, please don't ever ask me to find a country on a map... I can't even keep up with how many friggin' provinces we have now!

But I would love to take every Wednesday off! I would vote for you just for that! Wylie for president... oh wait... we don't have those. Do we? Just kidding! ;)

Crunchy Carpets said...



Joely Sue Burkhart said...

If I ruled the world--I'd require everyone to read at least one book a week! Happy TT!

Rashenbo said...

Ok, so where do I vote to put you in power? :)

I love the Peacemas idea. I would back that one up in a heart beat!

I'm not really sure what I'd do... but it's an interesting thought.

Crystal said...

Awesome List Idea, lol!!!

Sanni said...

Wonderful list - no need to "mwa-ha-ha"! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Pax vobiscum =)

Missy said...

We all have to have dreams - mine is to win an academy award for best original screenplay. Ruling the world runs the risk of being assassinated by someone that disagrees the the ruler. =/

Thanks for visiting my TT.

scribbit said...

You failed to mention a name for this little utopia. :)

Rose said...

If I ruled the word I would start with changing some of the laws that are now a joke. Good list for TT.

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I would add that healthcare would be free to all citizens, regardless of income or health problems (USA does not have free healthcare for all citizens) and all educational pursuits would be free. It was a great idea for TT.

My TT is up.

Barbara said...

I wouldn't want the burden of running a country because of all the problems it brings with it.

Check out my TT.

JohnH985 said...

I could live with your rules. Very good post.

My 13 are up.

India, the Hippie Chick said...

Sounds like you'd do a much better job than those running the world right now! #12 is great!

practical chick said...

I think I might like it if you ruled the world... Christmas (for "real christians") is way too commercialized. I am Apostolic Pentecostal (pretty conservative bunch, and I am actually considered fairly liberal in their eyes LOL) and actually Jesus was probably born closer to our September than December.

Can I be special and have Thursdays off instead of Wednesdays? We have church on Thursday and it would be nice to not rush home and be in a flurry to get back out the door. :)

I hate insomnia...and thanks for stopping by my TT!

Thomma Lyn said...

Woot, Cool Beans! I like every one of your thirteen, and I'd be cheering you on!

Wylie for Czarina! Wylie for Czarina! :)))

Amy Ruttan said...

Great rules. I especially like the one about Doubling sentences for people who hurt children. Actually, it should be triple.

I think we should vote you into power.

Happy TT.

Tink said...

Wylie for world president! You have my vote. :-)
My TT is about musice preferences.

GEWELS said...

In my 47 years on this planet I have never voted. But, you may make me reconsider.
Good TT

Retta said...

If I ruled the world I'd make everyday Thursday so we could thirteen some more ;)

Janet said...

hear, hear, HEAR!!! Those are some GREAT rules! Quick, put you in charge!!!

Jaci Burton said...

Really interesting thought process for your TT. I think everyone should think what they should do if they ruled the world.

Brilliant idea!

Karen said...

I want to live in your world >G<

Christine said...

Can we have extended lunch hours too? Say two hours? Or shorter work weeks. That would be cool too!

Maia said...

I'd vote for you as universal dominatrix. If women ruled the world there would be no more war. We just don't have the stomach for it. I agree: abortion should be a choice made by the woman who is pregnant.

Diane said...

I would totally vote you in as "Ruler of the World". I agree with you 100%!