Friday, March 16, 2007

Countdown to Test the Nation -1

ONE day remains until Test the Nation...
As most of my team-mates are either en-route to The Big Smoke (aka Toronto), enjoying nibbles and drinks at the hotel, or like me, frantically looking over anything and everything to do with the English language, I'm not going to post any study-related information.

On latest purchase
- the laptop is my favorite new toy. I'm using it to type this very blog, despite the fact that I'm sitting in my office with my desktop(hey - I need practice on this keypad) but I have found other very useful places for it: at the breakfast table, at the lunch table, at the dinner table, as Sweetness & Light (aka the boys) watch even more telly, in the bathroom whilst giving Sweetness his bath (out of the splash zone!), on the dining room table whilst I flick a feather with my foot for the cat to chase, on Light's bed, whilst he reads to himself, ...
*excuse me -- I just got a call from Better Parent Society -- who is using the above information in their latest report on parental neglect*

On writing
- I've got another story playing itself out in my head and it's so much clearer than my pirate wip that I'm going to put Sebastian and The Hawk aside and see what these new people are up to. It's the perfect project for my new laptop -- which I have VOWED not to play games upon. Writing only. I'm not even going to bookmark my fave timewasting blogs **not u guys, TL, Amy, Christine, etc... I mean NO dlisted, TMZ, Bam and OTHERS of the time-wasting ilk**!

So this new story will have some paranormal elements and I've not done those before so I'm not at all sure what I'm getting into or how corny it will turn out. Whatever -- write and learn!

Right, time for a good night sleep so I won't embarrass myself too badly tomorrow during the taping of Test the Nation.

For some reason, I have an English accent in my head...


crowwoman / rhian said...

Good luck!! I'll be thinking about ya!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Wylie! I hope you guys kick butt at Test the Nation, and what fun to have a new story coming together in your head. :)