Saturday, March 10, 2007

JR needs to write faster

Finished JR Ward's latest in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and now I'm ticked because I have to wait (months!!) for the next book to be released. I wish she would write faster!
That's 15 in the 50 Book Challenge (yes!), but I'm going to take a reading break for the next two weeks and concentrate on amusing my kids (March break), the TRW newsletter, my next course assignment and revising the opening chapter of my pirate wip based on the excellent suggestions I received from the TRW critique session.
AND preparing for Test the Nation. In fact, all my blog readers are going to be treated to a bit of general knowledge this week.
Stay tuned...

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Christine said...

I just bought this one and Lover Awakened, but I couldn't find the first one. I'll have to check the other book store to see if I can scoop it up.