Sunday, July 15, 2007

He won.

Victory is his. My internal editor won. He wouldn't/couldn't let me go any further on the current MESS that is my WIP. I printed it off over the weekend and began fiddling. Not a line/word edit, but a context edit. I'm writing this one by scene (riding my mood, people!) rather than a linear "In the beginning.... Amen" fashion, which is adding to the confusion.
Unofficial Poll: Do you write your stories in order from beginning to end, start to finish?? Or do you write the integral scenes - first meeting, black moment, sexual encounters - and then tie them all together?

Wonder why my inner critic is a male? Mainly because I want to the be only one in this house who can be called a perfectionist bitch ;0
Meanwhile, my IE is a slave-driving, impossible-to-please bastard.
Get it?

It's so good to have Red back! And Robin, and Maureen, Robyn (who did a fab job with updates and pics) from Nationals. Welcome home ladies, you were missed. Leah - we're still waiting for you.

Go over to Rhian's and check out all the hot new releases. And don't forget - Christine's book debut's in 4 short days (woo-hoo!).

NEW BLOG LAUNCH THIS WEEK! There's a new blog launching this week. You won't want to miss it (trust me!) -- More on this later.

Short post, (alas, no poetry AGAIN) but I've got two goals today:


Christine d'Abo said...


Sorry, I'm fine...

I have to write my story from In the The End. I'm a pantser. I don't have a clue where my story is going until it gets there. Sometimes this makes me panic. Like right now in Bond that Heals...I've just done something big, but it's only chapter five. Now I'll have to have something bigger for my dark moment.

Should be interesting.

Red Garnier said...

Hello Wylie girl! Missed you so much!!! =) I am so glad to be here. Hmm, as for the book writing. I usually write most the story in order (dialogue and a few tags like; he walked or moved or something) and then go back to plump it up. But some books have been different. And being a perfectionist bitch is NOT a bad thing, ya know!

Man, I missed chatting with you, Wylie. I can't wait for Christine's book and for that fantastic blog you mention...!!

Sparky Duck said...

Hey, in my world, the woman is the slave driver more times then not.

Ohhh, new blog sounds good.

Bri said...

Generally I have to know the 10-15 most major scenes and have detailed summaries of what happens...but then I fill in the blanks and only flesh them out fully when I get there.

This new blog sounds pretty cool - I'll be sure to check back and take a look at it.

Wylie Kinson said...

Bri - thanks for visiting! And good luck with your 70 days of Sweat.

Sparky - yeah, women rule - literally!

Red - next year, baby!!

Christine - I'm sorry? What's this week?? (hehehehehe)
Oh yeah, someone we know is has their debut novel coming out. SQUEEEEEEE!

Shelley Munro said...

My IE is male, too, and very bossy and demanding! I mostly write from the start to the end because I'm a fly into the mist type of gal. Typically the middle to three-quarter point of the book can be a slog for me. By this time I usually have a vague sort of idea of what will come next. I might write one of these scenes coming up soon if the muse is working a bit slowly.

Good luck with your WIP!

Nicholas said...

I wrote novel number one in sequence, mainly becuase I made it up as I went along.

I wrote the first 2/3 of novel two in sequence, then began to write out of sequence, because I had planned out what was going to happen. I am about to write the final chapter, then another chapter which will be about five from the end, and that will be it.

No sexual encounters in my novels. I wouldn't dare!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Linear, baby. Linear.

Anonymous said...

My completed novels? Linear, from start to finish. Novels I've fiddled with but never finished? Jumping all over the place. Interesting. I seem to do best when I write linear!

The novel I'm writing now? I'm writing linear. But I'm focusing above all else on pumping words out on the page and cold clunking my inner editor every time she dares to open her mouth. It's super duper raw, but that's okay -- I do my honing and shaping during my revision phases anyhow.

But ACK, for this challenge I have to shut IE up completely if I'm going to push forward, and that's quite a challenge in and of itself! In past books, I've focused on scene by scene or chapter by chapter instead of sheer word count, and at least my inner editor got to have some say during the first drafts. But not this time... gotta churn out those words, and it's a new method of working for me, to say the least!

Good luck with BIC (butt in chair), my friend! That's become my mantra, too. :)

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

I hear butt-chairs are the in thing! I have to remember to give Christine some person lurv on the day.

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks for sharing the madness & method folks! Most of you seem linear. This makes me worry about my own writing style :O

julia said...

I get the Big Scenes in flashes and then spend my writing time starting at the beginning until I get to the part I want to write, then more slogging until the next good part, etc. Maybe I should try it the Wylie Way. I might love that. Could free me up.

Wylie Kinson said...

Hi Julia -- The Wylie Way. Oh my ego likees that :)

Sparky Duck said...

ohhh dont get me started!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, I write mine in segments, well at least with this last one. Usually though I go from beginning to end.