Saturday, July 14, 2007

RWA Awards

Apparently the RWA website has crashed. I know that I've been trying since 7pm with no luck, so that explains it!
For anyone interested in the results of the RITA & Golden Hart Awards, the Smart Bitches are blogging from the ceremonies:
I haven't seen our TRW member's names come up - yet, but fingers are crossed!


Terra Kent said...

Good luck to them, fingers crossed

Wylie Kinson said...

Sadly - I didn't see any of our TRW gal's names on the winners list.
But that's okay, cause Margaret, Kim and Anne, you're winners to us.

Red Garnier said...

HEY HON! I am so back and I so missed you. I'll hop by tomorrow to stay longer . . . =) RWA was fun. Fill up your piggy bank for next year, Wylie!!! I just GOT to meet you in person!