Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have been in a right bloody sulk for two days. All the cool kids are at Nationals and I'm home amusing my children.
Today I took them to a petting zoo.
I'm feeding goats while Leah is meeting JR WARD!!!!!

Last night I sat in front of my computer, too sulky to write.
There was nothing good on television, my hubby took my son to see a FIFA U-20 soccer game and I sat home and called my mother. She usually makes me feel better.
To know me is to know I'm not a pouty sulky kinda gal, but just knowing that Robin is signing her books, Red is lunching with ECers, Maureen's gearing up for her Golden Heart Award (it's a sure thing, right?), and so many of my writer friends/acquaintances are rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nora Roberts, Kelley Armstrong, JR Ward...

Kinda bitter. But hey -- only 383 days until the 2008 conference.


Amy Ruttan said...

I keep saying that to myself too. I can't wait to go, because I'M GOING, no ifs ands or buts!!!

We should go together, get a whole posse of us going.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'm hoping to go to San Francisco too! But this year, I'm home with the kids too--we went to the zoo. Great minds, huh?

Wylie Kinson said...

LOL Alyssa! Nothing like communing with animals to keep the little ones happy. And hey, it's not meeting JR Ward, but I did have a llama eating out of my hands. Literally.

Amy - Done. And we'll insist on a bunch of adjoining rooms so we can party like it's 2008.

Nicholas said...

What is/are Nationals?

Christine d'Abo said...

I'm going to 2008. My husband and I have already talked about it and have agreed that we'll save the money so I can go. I know a lot of people from the NS chapter are planning on hitting it as well.

One major party ladies.

But I find the blogsphere very quite. I keep checking blogs but there are no posts. :(

julia said...

I'm hoping a lot of bloggers brought cameras and will post their pictures so we can share in all the madness.

Sparky Duck said...

eh, I woulda picked teh soccer game, well unless Canada was playing, they suck in soccer ;)

Wylie Kinson said...

Sparky - I have to agree. But now that soccer is so so so popular with kids (fastest growing sport I believe) perhaps in a couple of years we'll get better. The game hubby and son saw was a quarter-final (maybe semi-final??) USA against Uraguay. USA won.

Christine. See you there!

Nicholas - Nationals refers to the Romance Writers of America's national convention. The RWA is 9,500 members strong - it's the largest writers organization in the world -- so Nationals is HUGE. Writers, agents, publishers, all in one place.

Anonymous said...

I'm still here in TN, a-sweating and a-sweating. Well, at least I'm getting ready to start sweating -- been running errands today.

The conference does sound like a lot of fun! And potentially very productive, too, in getting to hobnob with agents, publishers, and such folk. :)