Friday, September 07, 2007

Bits and Bobs...

Bad bad Wylie...I completely forgot to mention that I read Divine Assistant by our own darling Red Garnier during my blogatus (blog + hiatus). The novella is part of the Torrid Tarot series at Ellora's Cave and I give it a very high recommend. I say with genuine honesty, that it's my favorite of hers to date.
*Note to self: come up with a more imaginative ratings system!!*
It's a delightful read-in-one-sitting romp with great lead characters, a lot of laughs, and, well it's a Red Garnier for heaven's sake, so you KNOW there's a lot of spicy hot passion packed in!
You can get your very own copy HERE.
Bravo amiga!

And fellow TRWer (Toronto Romance Writers) Amy Ruttan's book has hit the coming soon page at EC! Exciting times... I'll post a link once she gets a cover :) In the meantime - I've linked this entire paragraph to her brand new - just launched website. GO!

If you live in Canada, please don't forget to tune in to Test the Nation: Watch Your Language on Sunday, September 9th at 8:00pm on CBC television. Root for your fave team - the Romance Writers, of course!!
(I'm that empty chair in the front row. Well, someone had to take the pictures!)

You can now purchase Six Degrees of Sexy merchandise! Check out our lovely cover model wearing our designer tee. (Thanks Christine!)
Go to our store HERE - how 'bout that coffee mug? It's sure to keep your coffee HOT!
And speaking of Six Degrees - Christine did a fab interview with Cathryn Fox today, so please go check it out.

Sweetness starts preschool on Monday morning. I ADORE spending time with my little ones -- Lord knows, they make me laugh -- but people, three mornings per week translates to approximately 7 hours of free time for mother Wylie. Can I hear a WOOT?

Have a terrific weekend!


Red Garnier said...

I had no idea it was your fave, Wylie dearest. But then you do have FANTASTIC taste, LOL! Thank you so much!!!

And look at how gorgeous Christine looks with that t-shirt. I want one.

And yey, Amy is on the coming soon!! Congrats Amy, we're all eager to read.

Plus I hope someone tapes the show because I would LOVE to see you ladies!!! I'm sure the whole country of Canada will be glued to their seats watching you three. =)


M. said...

is 'blogatus' yours? because that is so going up as one of my word dares and i like to attribute accurately.

i got my play-along 'test the nation' scorecard with my paper today - pencil all sharpened and set to go!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, the Six Degrees of Sexy t-shirt is cool -- great picture of Christine!

And WOOT for the free time! That's fan-tabulous! :)

Wylie Kinson said...

Red - ack! I don't have a VCR, or a DVD recorder. bummer

M - far as I know 'blogatus' (blog + hiatus) is all mine! Good luck playing along with Test the Nation ;)

TL - thanks for the WOOT, my friend!! It's only hours away... *sigh*

Amy Ruttan said...

That's a great post! It was a great meeting eh? I am still laughing about you know who winning the SDoS basket. What a hoot.

Wylie Kinson said...

It WAS a terrific workshop, wasn't it?
And the basket -- LOL!
Writing notes was fun too :)

Christine d'Abo said...

Divine Assiistant is one of my favourites of Red's as well. Though Spin Devil rocked too!

And I laugh every time I see that picture now LOL! I'm not a fan of them myself.

Test the Nation rocked! I kept laughing at all the questions. :)