Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Christmas in September :o

TL tagged me for a Christmas meme and me being the Christmas lovin' fool that I am, I said "HO HO HO, I'll get right on it!"

What is your favorite Christmas gift
? Giving someone else The Perfect Gift.

What is your best memory of Christmas? Hard to narrow down just one... The first with my husband (he gave me a beautiful ruby ring) and the first with my newborn son, who was all of 12 days old on the 25th of December.

Depending upon where you live, do you have a hot or cold Christmas? At present, it's a cold one. Having spent 18 years in the green, I do appreciate a White Christmas more.

Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least just once? Been there, done that!

What do you prefer in a tree? Fake or real? REAL! Gotta be real.

What is your favorite carol? O Holy Night

What is your favorite Christmas dinner? Traditional roast turkey, lots of stuffing, mashed potatoes, cabbage rolls (that from the Ukrainian part of the family!) and cassava pie (from the Bermudian side).

Do you wear a Santa hat at Christmas? Absolutely. So does my son.

Have you ever seen Santa delivering gifts? Other than tracking him on the internet, no. It's all a big mystery!

I tag Leah, Red and SHG.


julia said...

'O Holy Night' is a beauty! It usually gives me chills and a big lump in my throat.

Christine d'Abo said...

O Holy Night is my favourite carol. And you have to wear a santa hat! It's a rule somewhere I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

"Oh Holy Night" is gorgeous -- it's one of my favorites, too. And your Christmas dinner sounds scrumptious.

LOL @ tracking Santa on the internet! Thanks for playing, my friend! :)