Friday, December 07, 2007

Ho Ho Ho-No!

There's a very good... no GREAT interview with author M.A. Ellis at Six Degress of Sexy today. M.A. will have you chuckling over buttercream icing and erotic poetry readings. There's also a hidden message about persistance ;D

Amy Ruttan is guest blogging over at Shelley Munro's and shares some FASCINATING historical research regarding stamina and contraception... (and by fascinating, I really mean EWWWY gross stuff that will make you thank your lucky karma you live in the 21st century)

This weekend I'll get to catch up with Christine d'Abo, who I haven't seen since March!! *woohoo*, at the Toronto Romance Writers Christmas social. Party on, C!

On Sunday, the Kinsons will make the annual trek to the Christmas tree farm (oh joy, says the mother who's inevitably left to decorate the beast by herself) where we'll tromp through knee deep snow, wrap our frigid fingers around too-hot-to-drink hot chocolate and stand shivering next to a giant bonfire and try to avoid choking to death everytime the wind blows the smoke our way.
Shucks, am I sounding Bah Humbug-ish? I'm not really, *ha ha ha* though looking at the box of unsigned, unmailed holiday greeting cards on my dining table is leaving a hollow pit in my tummy. When? WHEN??
All this xmas stuff and writing too *shrug* ...

And when I come up for air, I have to plan my son's eighth birthday party which goes down next weekend. Loot bags, cake-baking, present shopping, oh my!

What are YOUR plans this weekend? And is anyone else feeling the stress of the season yet?


Christine d'Abo said...

Oh I can't wait to see you again this weekend!! I'm digging out my Santa hat and we are going to have F-U-N!

I'm bringing my camera, so be warned. :D

Anonymous said...

Ai yi yi, you sound busy! Christmas and birthdays all together makes for a wild and woolly time.

You and Christine and everybody have fun at the TRW Christmas Social! :)

Ann said...

Have fun at the social. :)

Amy Ruttan said...

It was fun seeing you today!!!!

Oh I have no desire to chop down my own tree. Me I have fake, but it looks real.

You got my holiday card today, although when I gave it to you you had the whole deer in the head lights thing going on. OH the sucker condom thing I gave you is the Ellora's Cave goody they were handing out at the booksigning.

Got all you commentors wondering now don't I. HAHA ;)

Shelley Munro said...

You sound very busy!
I love the scent of fresh trees but have just put up my usual artificial one. I have to say I'm really glad we don't have snow down here in Auckland. Give me rain any old time. I hope you had fun at the Christmas social.

Anonymous said...

better you than me out in the cold,brrrr.i still have to dig out our tree and put it all up. Happy b-day to your son :-)