Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Family Day?

Canada, but not all provinces(?!) has declared February 18th FAMILY DAY.
Everything was closed - banks, schools, malls (yes, malls!!), and even the bowling alley...

I hate to sound cynical, but isn't that what the weekends are for? All 52 of them? I'm no mathematician but that's a whopping 104 days I already devote to my family.
I'm a stay-at-home mom (fitting writing in where I can - like on stat holidays) so I also get Family Days during endless summer holidays, Christmas holidays, March break, Easter break, and at least one teacher's 'Professional Day' a month...

I understand that some folks have to work on weekends, but for those M-F 9-5ers, do you think we need an extra Family Day? Really?? And for many of you, isn't more work just piling up while you're home spending time watching your children sit in front of the television playing Wii thereby causing you further stress? Because really - it's February, in Canada... so the family picnic bbq and baseball game is out, right?

What about people who have no intention of spending time with their families or those with no families... Do they get the day off too? Why should they?
They should just call it "Sit Around and Relax" day instead. Or "Destress Day". That way everyone could take part.

In our house it was "Take Son and Son's Friend to Movies Day" which got me thinking about those poor shlubs who had to scoop popcorn -- why couldn't they be home with their families?
Makes no sense...

Edited to add: STILL no laptop :( I'm absolutely crippled without it.


Thomma Lyn said...

Kinda bizarre! I wonder what they define as "family"? Folks with kids? But didn't everybody originate from parents? So does that mean everybody gets the day off? ;-D

Governments are odd, aren't they? :)

Big ((((((hugs)))))) to you, my friend, re: the laptop -- I am so sorry it's still out of commission. I hope you get it back soon! I feel your pain -- I'd be lost without mine!

Nicholas said...

I hope you remembered to send Family Day cards to all your friends, and buy chocolates and flowers for them. That's what these days are for, you know. To make Hallmark even richer.

Trevor Fucking Wolff said...

Did you call me a shit over at Susan's blog?

I prefer asshole, thankyouverymuch.

Carrie Lofty said...

Why is it that "family day" never means "mom has time off." Coz when they're home, I'm working. Just not in that writing sorta way. In other words, I completely agree with you even tho we're in the US. If we get another snow day here I'm gonna scream.

Amy Ruttan said...

I'm out of the loop, your lap top is sick. Poor you, I don't know how I would manage without it.

As for Family Day, yes I enjoyed it, but Niagara Falls was totally open, nothing closed. McDonalds was still open etc., etc.,

So I really don't get it. The mail was even still delivered.

I loved having the day off as I do work (albeit part time) but yeah it really doesn't make much sense.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

When Christine told me about it, I just thought it was sort of silly.

Better to join in the National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Campout, I think.

(how'd Trevor get here before me?)

Bonnie said...

I hear ya, Wylie. Yesterday was like any other day for me, except when I wanted to go to buy anything. Next thing you know, the government will claim that the economy is getting worse because retail sales are down. ;)

May your laptop come back to you soon. :::sending a chocolate fountain your way:::

Wylie Kinson said...

TL - yes, governments are indeed strange. We all seem to be in agreement on that one ;)

Nicholas -- thankfully it hasn't degraded to that point yet! But give Hallmark a couple of years and I'm sure they'll be all over it. Hey - you could start them off by writing a few family sentiments in rhyme. Go on, it would be a brilliant TT :D

Trevor -- no, no. A shit DISTURBER. There's a difference ;)

Carrie - Amen to that!! Though, we're in the middle of a good snow storm right now so I wouldn't be surprised if I get yet ANOTHER Family Day tomorrow *groan*

Susan - you obviously left your computer alone with Trevor! That'll teach you ;)

Bonnie - you have NO IDEA how much I need a chocolate fountain right about now. And a hug.

Kimber Chin said...

Do I think we need a long weekend in February? He** yes.

Just for the simple reason that my 3 hour a day commute turns to 4 hours a day during the winter.

Wow. This is the first place I've ever seen push back on it. Sure, we could call it something else (in the States, it is President's Day) but it certainly is needed.

As for the poor shlubs scooping popcorn, many of them are making time and a half. I was talking to one cashier and she thought it was the best thing since sliced bread (business owners, on the other hand, aren't so thrilled with Family Day).

Hugs about the laptop (hands off Family Day though).

Wylie Kinson said...

3 hours!! Oh, Kimber... I feel for you. Hubby and I both work from home, so I've nothing to complain about. Well, except Family Day *giggle*

But I hope you understand that it's not the holiday I have a beef with, it's the title. FAMILY DAY should be EVERY DAY -- as in, I spend quality time with my kids and hubby, call my mother (at least once a day!) -- and eat at least one meal as a family. Even if it's only breakfast ;)

They could have sold me with a 'It's FREAKING COLD Day so Stay Home' and I'd have nothing to bitch about - LOL

Leah Braemel said...

They'd been talking about making a holiday in February for years because it's so long between Christmas and Easter, but they didn't really think it through when they finally created it. A lot of people I know lost their float holiday which normally they got to take around the Civic Holiday in August. A day off in August = sun, the beach, fun! A day off in February = snow, cold, nothing to do. Huh?

And as a stay-at-home mom like you, it's just another day to be interupted with 'Hey Mom, where's the ...(fill in the blank)'

Kimber Chin said...

People get float days?
Is that one of those public service sector things to even up the vacations between provinces?

I asked a V-P about that once. Mentioned that Alberta (I think it was, somewhere out West) gets an extra day (Remembrance Day). His response? Move to Alberta.

LOL. I love those tough ol' bastards.

Wylie, don't feel bad about my 3 hour commute. I get a lot of reading and researching done (read over a book a day with it). Plus nothing will bring out the characters like a broke down subway car.