Friday, February 15, 2008

Laptop update

My laptop is still in the hands of the PC doctor... No, House wasn't available, damn it. Apparently he's fictional?!?!
Anyway, I haven't heard any news yet and I probably won't until Tuesday because Monday is a new statutory holiday in Canada. Family Day. Because apparently, seven days a week isn't enough.

I'm SO lost with out it. How did I ever cope before?

Thanks, everyone, for your hugs and 'OMG-WORST-THING-EVER!!' support. :(


Nicholas said...


Anonymous said...

Sending more great big hugs, and the Ballicai are sending purrs! I know how you feel -- it's so frustrating to be without one's laptop.

I'm keeping all my appendages crossed that the PC doctor can resuscitate your laptop!

Leah Braemel said...

I'm hopeful because the PC doctor hasn't said at the outset that the thing was a write-off. Maybe he can at least save your hard drive ... that's where the most important stuff is, after all.

*Keeping my fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Hope you get it back soon, I feel for you I know what it's like to go without.

M. said...

i hear you. i had flashbacks.

btw - your new tagline made me laugh

julia said...

No family day out here on the east coast. So it hasn't gone Canada-wide yet. (...when??...)

Can't wait till your laptop is back from Laptop General Hospital.

Ann said...

Good luck with the laptop. My hard drive crashed a couple of years ago, and it was quite painful (I've started storing the really important stuff on thumb drives- I now have three of them). :)