Monday, April 21, 2008

No Cuttie for Wylie (again), Juno, Gone Baby Gone, Sunny Days, Blog Roundup

I was supposed to have my surgery today... the one that was postponed from March... but the blighters postponed me again! Now I have June 9th to dread.

I watched 2 movies this weekend:
Juno - a quirky, smart, thoroughly enjoyable movie that I highly recommend. It's different and delightful on so many levels.
Gone Baby, Gone - I'd read Dennis Lehane's book of the same title, so I was mentally prepared for the subject matter - child abduction. Normally, I'd stay FAR away from movies like this because as a mother of two young children, my stomach couldn't take it. But I already knew the outcome and only had to leave the room once.
Anyhoo... it's an excellent movie. Casey Affleck has definitely come out of the shadow of his big brother (Ben directed, btw) and though it has its dark moments, it a rich story with deep moral conflict. It's funny, hubby and I totally disagreed on how the main character (Patrick Kenzie) dealt with the situation in the end. (ignorant bastard - both Kenzie and my DH)
My only niggly complaint was the portrayal of Kenzie's partner, Angela Gennaro. In the Kenzie/Gennaro books (they're recurring private investigators in Lehane's books) Angie is a kick-ass no-nonsense toughie. The movie treated her like helpless girl. Grrrr.

The weather in Southern Ontario has been GORGEOUS. We went from winter to full-on summer in 3 weeks. My kids have tans, the dh has a burned bald-spot and I'm sporting a farmer's tan from the hours of yard work. Couldn't possibly stay cooped up indoors when the sun was shining so brightly and nature was greening-up before my eyes.
In other words - no writey for Wylie. (Aside from the Toronto Romance Writers newsletter, of course, which was due out yesterday... but is not, yet.)

Ah well... I needed a good dose of vitamin D having been deprived of it for so long.
How did you spend your weekend?

Before you go, I've got two places for you to check out:

You MUST go to Nicholas's blog and click on the link he provided to an Al Jazeera broadcast featuring an amazingly passionate and articulate woman who wants to bring her culture into the 21st century.

Savvy Leah has provided some terrific tips on making Google work for you. You may think you know what you're doing, but seriously, you'll learn something... Go!


Amy Ruttan said...

I was away celebrating birthday with my family.

Another surprise. I am so spoiled.

Next year (I was told) just to expect socks! LOL!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You know, if this keeps up and you stay on the low-fat diet and keep exercising, you'll get into good enough shape that you can live with the stupid gallstones and not need the surgery.

It's a goal to shoot for, huh? It's sure a lot easier than what lies ahead.


And yes, I wish you'd been at the conference with me.

Anonymous said...

Ugh on the surgery postponement! Sending commiserative hugs.

I spent my weekend largely rewriting! The restructuring has got my story (and my butt) back in gear. WOO HOO!!!!

And I'm going on a hike today, too, so I'll get a nice dose of vitamin D. I am glad your weather has sweetened up! :)

The links to Nicholas's and Leah's posts sound great -- gonna go check 'em out! :)

Julia Smith said...

That's really annoying about two surgery cancellations. You can't help getting nervous before surgery, and then what a weird let-down. Glad you got to enjoy the lovely weather, though.

Leah Braemel said...

Ugh on the cancellations. I'd be going bald by now.

You've been good doing your yardwork - mine still needs doing, and I've a ton I want to do.

And thanks for the link - I always get such a kick out of seeing my name on someone else's blog!

Shelley Munro said...

I'd be going nuts having the surgery canceled as well. We have a doctor's strike down here at the moment so it's definitely not a good time to be sick.

I had a really lazy weekend and didn't do much at all. It was lovely!