Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are summer holidays and water boarding in the same category?

I am sooooooo done with summer holidays. The kids are on each others nerves, to say nothing of the single, fragile, frayed nerve of my own. My oldest begins on Tuesday (6 days and counting) while my youngest gets to stay home with mommy until the 8th of September. woo hoo.

Yesterday we tackled school-shoes-shopping. Damn the GEOX company for their memorable marketing campaign. From the moment we walked into Kiddie Kobbler, my two started chanting "Ge-ox, Ge-ox." And every now and then my four-year old would add "Geox breathes! But water can't get in!"
I, of course, steered them to the on-sale Reeboks, the cheaper (but excellently made) Stride Rite...
You KNOW we walked (no, ran!) out of that store with Geox's on our feet. But hey - for $60.00, Geox also gives you a cheap handheld game - woo hoo.

Today we venture into Walmart for school supplies. I'm positivily giddy with excitement.
Geox doesn't make school supplies, do they? :o


Karen Erickson said...

My children are already in school though today I kept them home. Gotta go to the doctor for the yearly physical...

Love that they're back in school, hate that I get up soooo early. Oh well.

Have fun shopping. :)

Michelle (MG) said...

My kids start next Tuesday too, a whole 1/2 day! What's the point? Sheesh.

And my oldest quotes Geoxx commercials all the time. Good thing Zellers doesn't sell them! LOL

Amy Ruttan said...

My kids don't see the Geoxx commericals. THANK GOD!

It's bad enough Boo doesn't want to carry her Dora knapsack, she wants the Disney Princess or Hannah Montana or the like.

She also needs new shoes. It's half days only which BLOW, and Sumo is still too young for school. *sigh*

Thomma Lyn said...

Never heard of Geox! :)

But yeah, Walmart is chock full of school supplies. School started here back on the fifteenth, can you believe it?

J.K. Coi said...

I can't believe I'm sending my son off to school this year. It was one thing when he was in day care, and then a half a day for kindergarten, I could almost talk myself into believing that he was still my baby...but now...I'm going to cry.

Julia Smith said...

What - no homeschooling...?