Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just say NO to trout pout and cheek implants

To the Women of Hollywood,

Please stop messing up your faces. Please. It's not pretty, no matter what your 'people' tell you, or your management, or, God forbid, your plastic surgeons.

Yes - I'm talking about Madonna, Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, etc...

I caught Joan Rivers on some late-night talk show the other day and it was creepy. It's just not right for a 76 year old woman to have a lineless face. None-what-so-ever. She looked like she was wearing plastic mask *cringe*

Have you seen Cougar Town? I saw it for the first time the other day and thought I recognized the actress that plays best friends to Courtney Cox's character. I IMBD'd her and OMFG, it's Christa Miller, the cute goofy actress from the Drew Carey Show. Oh Christa, not you too!! What are those things in your cheeks? And you lips... *shudder*

Ironically, the ep I saw guest-starred Lisa Kudrow as a bitchy plastic surgeon. As Jules (Cox) got injected, Kudrow, with her aged-beauty undoctored, ridiculed the practice saying she would never be so stupid as to inject poison in her face.

So why? Why are they doing this to themselves? It's OKAY to age. It's OKAY for your forehead to crinkle up when you look suprised, or crinkles around your eyes when you laugh.
I get the face-lift, the eye-lift, even the tummy tuck, especially on mommy-actresses. Looking 'youthful and alert' is part of the job, one could argue, but the collagen and botox, cheek implants and whatever the heck they're doing that makes them look like an army of Jokers must stop.

Witness actresses such as Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, and Susan Sarandon, who, if they've had work, it's been very subtle and tasteful. They're ageing with grace and dignity, and most importantly: They're still hot.

Helen Mirren, for the record, is 65 this year... Wowsa.

The men... with the exception of Mickey Rourke, they're not doing this, so why are the ladies?Yes yes yes,... I know this sexism arguement too, but could you see Clint with a trout pout, Redford getting a shot of Botox?
Oh - Barry Manilow just came to mind. Add him to the Freak list.

What scares me most is the inevitability that what goes on in Hollywood eventually drips into the masses. How much longer until we see Attack of the Plastic-Faces in a mid-western Walmart. Everywhere you look, it'll be a sea of Jocelyn Wildensteins...



Thomma Lyn said...

Yowzers, I'm with you, my friend. I just don't understand why anybody would do that to themselves. I'd rather look like a Shar-pei (Chinese wrinkle dog) any day than all pooch-lipped and plastic-faced!

Julia Smith said...

Trout pout - LOL! Hadn't heard that before.

Wylie Kinson said...

Hey TL...
There's not doubt that watching your chin slide down your neck is not fun, but the alternative can also be horror show worthy. These over-doers look like charactures of themselves, eh?
I'm all for the Shar-pei look!! *hee*

Carmi said...

While there's some sadness associated with witnessing aging's natural processes, it pales in comparison to the grotesque abominations on display here.

Such a shallow society, we are. Ick.