Sunday, January 31, 2010

Outlander and The Lost Symbol on my Keeper Shelf

I've got some VERY good news coming. Can't say anything just yet... (and you know it's killing me) but soon, soon. All will be revealed...

Don't you just HATE teases like that?
Me too, but I'm feeling smug so it's staying ;)

On books: I read two this week, thanks to a bout of insomnia.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown -- let me start by saying I LOVED IT. The architectural puzzles of Washington DC, a fascinating peek behind the secretive veil of the Freemason society, a new mystic science called Noetics... it was all good.
This is one author who really does his homework. I don't mind waiting years and years for an author's book if he can captivate me so.
I almost took notes so I wouldn't forget some of the tres cool things he imparted.

But, I must laughingly agree with the critics who shake their heads at Mr. Brown's writing style. Eeeks. One sentence that will not dislodge itself from my head is "The door hissed loudly open."
Thank goodness he's an awsome storyteller :)

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander -- yes yes,... it's about time. The book came out in the early '90's and I've been meaning to read it since, but never quite got around to it.
Is it good? Let me just say, this 850 page tome took me only a little over 24 hours to read because I could not put it down.
I wish more books like Outlander were published today. These days, the shelves seemed to be packed with quick reads, lots of white space, and pacing that leaves you feeling like you've been on a rollercoaster for an hour too long.
Ms Gabaldon took time to fully develop her characters so when they did jump on the coaster, you were rooting for them, hurting for them, and falling in love with them. She also had a brilliant balance of description (ah, Scotland -- made me ache to go), history and romance.
If you haven't read this modern classic, do. Don't let the thickness or lack of white space intimidate. It's got nicely spaced section breaks... IF you can put it down.
Go. Buy. Enjoy the kind of books that are rarely published today ;)

On Television:

LOST is back this Tuesday!!! WOOT!!!



Thomma Lyn said...


Yup on Dan Brown's writing skills, but he sure knows how to come up with a compelling story! And I need to get back to Outlander. I very much liked what I read. And I agree with you, I love books like Outlander that I can immerse myself in -- rich in story and character development. :)

Julia Smith said...

LOVE Outlander. Why hasn't it been made into a miniseries? Why, oh why??

M. said...

Ms Wylie - I do believe there is some pot and kettle black calling going on. Rollercoaster ride too long - yet smug teasing of good news not revealed, on the same page? Come on, now!

Wylie Kinson said...

Julia -- yes, WHY?? I kept thinking about that when I read the book. It would make a terrific miniseries with lots of action and many many hooks along the way. And though I haven't read the rest of the Outlander series, surely it could be made into a season (or multi-season) show??

Wylie Kinson said...

M. - you got me! What can I say. Can't spill premature beans, is all...
Hope to see you at the Feb TRW meeting when all will be revealed :)

Nikki_Soarde said...

Hey neighbour! ...been meaning to check out your blog for a while now. Nice! I love the variety of topics!

Dan Brown....The Lost Symbol is sitting on my shelf ready to be picked up. Eagerly looking forward to it, but have promised myself I'll finish my latest Jodi Picoult novel first. And's funny how some of the best story-tellers use some of the worst words. lol

Outlander....LOVED this book! But couldn't quite pick myself to pick up the next...and the next. I always felt like I wanted to hold that final image of Jamie just as he was.

Wylie Kinson said...

Hey Nikki! Good to see your name in my inbox :)

Re The Lost Symbol, I'm not sure Picoult is an optimal precursor to Dan. I'm afraid her superior writing is just too harsh a contrast. Best read something mindless and trashy first. LOL

I kind of feel the same about Outlander. I don't want the other books to taint it for me...