Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dream E-Pub Shows 99.9% Interest - WooHoo

Dream e-publisher emailed me last week re 'The Color of Passion' and gave me a revise and resubmit. This is very good news. Dream editor said she's almost 99% sure of publishing the story if I make the changes. This is very very very good news. Dream editor also said wonderfully kind words about my writing which came on the heels of the very bad BAM review so my wounded ego has healed nicely.
Here's the challenge re the R&R: It needs more s.e.x. If I can throw in additional two or more sex scenes AND spice up the ones that are already in there, it will be published by their erotica line.
Option two is leave the sexy parts as they are then submit to their romance line, but the romance line doesn't do novella's so I would have to almost double the length of the ms to make the 50K word limit.
Now, you're probably thinking - 'This is a no-brainer... go with option one: more sex scenes!' But that my friends, is not easy. The kinky stuff must enhance the story, move the plot forward; gratutious sex just doesn't cut-it, especially if it compromises the characters.
The third option being, of course, go with another publisher. But I really really want to get in Dream Publisher's door for a few reasons (which I won't get into unless the story is sold and I can reveal who Dream Pub is). AND, they want me to change the title because the word 'Passion' is very overused. I'm very okay with this. I wasn't really married to the title. I've thrown around a few ideas and this is the top three:
Destiny by Design (or Designing Destiny), Wet Paint, Brush Strokes. Any of em grab you?

I rec'd the email last weekend but haven't blogged about the *GREAT NEWS* because I was undecided on my approach. This is what I've decided:
I've been making copious notes on how to add subplots, plot twists and incidental scenes that provide richness to the characters -- but I'm not rewriting the story just yet. I am, in fact, going with option one - throwing in more and longer steamy scenes. It's very difficult, but seemed the surest way to go. In the event that it compromises the integrity of the story, I'll make the decision to rewrite or send to another pub. In any case, I've had sex on the brain for a week and seeing Daniel Craig as James Bond certainly helped the creative process!!


Amy Ruttan said...

Congrats, that is so awesome. I hope everything works out.

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks Amy! I hope it works out too.