Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tagged by T.L.: 5 things about moi!

I've been tagged by my *bff* Thomma Lynn, aka Jenny Acey (I'm still holding my sides over that one, TL!) to post FIVE THINGS PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME. Here goes:

1. Wylie Kinson is not my real name.

2. No matter how much I advance plan, I'm always 10 minutes late... and I hate myself for it. I blame it on having lived in Bermuda for so long -- Bermudians are mostly always late.

3. I have a tattoo. A small Canadian maple leaf on my left hip -- my own little 'made in Canada' tag.

4. I have no patience for ignorance and truly believe that I am the smartest person in my extended family. My husband would disagree.

5. When I read, the voice in my head has a very snobby British accent. (Except when I read T.L.'s blog -- then I've got Dolly Parton up there *hee*)

Hmmm,... whom will I tag? How 'bout new visitor to my site, Christine!


Anonymous said...

I felt, through your post, how much you care about your friend who is gay. He's lucky to have a wonderful friend like you. :)

Fun post, Wylie! *giggling* Y'know, I did the same thing growing up -- getting stuck on names I thought would be cool. Let's see if I can remember some of 'em: Rhoda (pretty close to Rhonda, huh?), Kimmy, Trish, Valeria -- why Valeria instead of Valerie? Why Kimmy instead of Kimberly? Ha, who can know the mind of a eight, nine, ten year old, LOL.

Perhaps that tendency of ours is a facet of the same part of our nature that revels in creating -- and naming -- characters in our novels. :)


Jenny Acey

Wylie Kinson said...

Hi TL, -- your response no longer fits the post (in case you where wondering). I accidently hit 'publish' instead of 'save as draft' and was a bit horrified hours later when I realized it was up. I had no intention of 'outting' my buddy and don't know why I even wrote it. Perhaps POST SECRET has gone to my head - ha ha!
As you can see, this is the much less revealing version. Hope you enjoy this one as much.

Yours truly,
(this is now an inside joke - tee hee)

Anonymous said...

I do, indeed! And *giggling* at the accents. :D


Jenny Acey, who loves inside jokes ;)