Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hold on,... I'm ranting!

I must pipe up about these accusations that the American Idol judges have gone too far. Have they? YES! If you saw how they treated the fellow with the boogly eyes -- they were very rude and pointed out a physical issue that wasn't necessarily under the man's control. Simon Cowell compared him to a jungle animal - a bush baby, for heaven's sake! Simon called another very tall woman a giraffe! AND gave a heavy set man who was obviously mentally challenged a jibe about the size of his pants. Paula & Randy chuckled along. Childish.
This bruhaha has brought to light an interesting type of discrimination that's been niggling me for years. We judge people on appearances. Big news, eh!

In the case of American Idol and a few other reality shows, Hollywood has fausted their ridiculous physical standards on the average American (or fill in your own nationality) by assuming that we all should have perfect teeth, hair, height, nose, boobs, legs, body weight etc... This is an ideal completely unattainable by us 'average folk' (or we'd all be in bloody LaLaLand!) yet we're made to feel ashamed by it. Unworthy. Less.
We accept the unobvious flaws (smoking, drugs, sexual addictions, chronic divorces/cheating, chronic diva/bastard behavious, whatever...) -- or we're meant to feel sorry and root for them when they enter drug & alcohol rehab.
If they can't read, or they're beaten by their spouses because they don't have the balls to leave, miscarried a baby, we don't make fun of them. That would be awful!
Well - it's NOT OKAY to point out someone's physical flaws.
It's NOT OKAY to castigate a person because they don't have perfect teeth, or a full head of hair, or have the ideal body image, etc.
Can you imagine if the AI judges knew that Fantasia Barrino couldn't read? What if society forced illiterate people to wear arm badges identifying their 'ignorant' status. Would Simon, Paula & Randy have mocked her and sent her away? Would they have chided her in the audition, made her feel horrible about herself, humiliated her in front of her family, her child, and an audience of millions?
How about Katherine MacPherson's bulimia? Would they ridicule her for sticking her fingers down her throat?
Yet it was okay to make a crack about Mandisa needing a bigger stage? Nah-ah!!
Brainflash -- Maybe we should have everyone's IQ tattooed to their foreheads. Yah!! Then, when foolish people like S, P, & R make nasty comments about someone's large eyes, we can feel sorry for them because we can see that they're intellectually challenged. Awwww...

Enough is enough! We can't begin to treat people with 'visual' imperfections like plague victims. It's hurtful, it's wrong, it's uncivilized and dehumanizing. Young people and families watch that show -- what message are we sending?
Come on, people -- we've got to spread a little love!

PS - I'm boycotting AI this year (like they care). Phtooey!


scribbit said...

I've never liked the show for that very reason. Seeing people being humiliated by others or by themselves isn't pleasant.

Wylie Kinson said...

It's a shame, because I really like the performance aspect of it! I'm gonna miss it, but REFUSE to boycott my boycott :) (it's late)
Well -- perhaps when it gets down to the final 5 ...

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! There seems to be a disturbing trend of meanness being seen as somehow "cool." And I just hate that. Kindness and courtesey are what ought to be encouraged and celebrated, not meanness and "dog-eat-dog" behavior.

Vicky said...

You go girl!

I completely agree with you. I’m astounded when people say, what’s the world coming to? Look at the way our teenagers behave in today’s society. I have no idea where they learn to behave this way.

I want to scream!!!

What the hell are you talking about?

We are the ones who teach them to behave this way! This has been something else that we have chosen to evolve into. WE (society) are the one’s who let skinny girls become what’s in. I hate it when people blame the media! HELLO!!! Magazines would not be able to stay in business if we stopped buying them. Dido for TV shows! How many would still be on air if nobody watched them?

Now parents wonder why we have bullying and teenagers that shoot up schools out of anger.

Adults are on TV showing kids and other adults that not only is their behaviour acceptable, but it’s also funny and will make them popular.

Gee…back to my original question… Where oh where do the teenagers get this stuff?

Kudos for you Wylie for boycotting them! Stay strong! I personally have never liked them much myself, they are way too crude for my liking. Especially, since I personally don’t think they should judge. Who out of them can sing!?! (I had to get that in!)

Vicky said...

Oh yeah,

The picture is ssssssooooooo cute! :)

Wylie Kinson said...

Yeah... don't even get me started on teenagers! That's a whole 'nother rant!! (and it ends with us 'adults' being blamed for their behaviour, btw)

TL - you're right. Mean is not cool. If S,P & R were school-aged, they'd be the class bullies, and no one likes a bully.
The way we take care of our 'underdogs' is what sets us apart from wild animals, who eat or leave the runts to die. WE are supposed to have evolved to the point that we take care of each other!

Wylie Kinson said...

Just waiting for someone to call me a bleeding heart liberal! :)

Christine said...

I agree completely! I don't wantch AI, never have. The idea of making fun of people for the sake of TV ratings is wrong. There are enough other shows out there that deserve my attention. Thanks for reaffirming this for me!

Amy Ruttan said...

The one time I watched AI I was feeling so sorry for the people that they stomped on. The dreams they shattered. Sure they couldn't sing, but who cares they obviously loved to do it, it gave them joy.

Simon Cowell is way to full of himself ... and what is Randy doing making fun of people with weight issues when he fought the same issues early on, hence why he had gastric bypass surgery. Does anyone say anything to him. You would think he would be sympathetic to those with weight issues, because I know that weight issues are not the only result of overeating like sooo many people assume. My mother has had weight issues her whole life due to asthma and the steroids she needs to take in order to breath. She had one woman one time tell her "If I were you I would cut it off," They assumed she was a pig, when in truth my mother eats hardly anything.

AI is not on my list. The only reality show I am watching is Amazing Race All Stars!!!

OliviaDiane said...

I agree with you. We are so fixated on the physical, it's very sad. Alot of people WITH talent are probably passed over, because they don't have "the look", not only on American Idol, but in general.