Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wylie's Wild World

It's a jungle out here. Literally!

Hubby walked son to schoolbus the other day and on the way home spotted a little raccoon climing the stone pillar of our front porch.

Bandit (as he was so named) took up residence on a little ledge, high above our front door, and settled in for the day (technically, his night).

We came and went throughout the day but other than looking down at us, giving the occassional scratch or licky-bath to his gorgeous fur coat, Bandid didn't budge until the sun went back down.

We were all fascinated, especially my cats, who chattered to Bandit through the window for a good portion of the morning.
It took everything in my power not to offer it up a meal! I'm a hostess at heart, but I know it would be very bad form to encourage further visits.
And my neighbors would have shot me ;)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jumping Rope for the Heart Bounce Station

I've had a cold from HELL over the last week. It turned into a sinus and ear infection that made my life a bit miserable.
All that head/chest drama was in addition to the sprained ribs (but really, trampolining is FUN!) and the twisted knee (nothing to do with trampolining) made Wylie a grumpy little beast who spent 20 hours a day in bed since last Sunday.

In case you're wondering if I'm exagerating my illness... not only did my computer hold no interest for me (point of evidence!), but I felt too icky to read.
That's sick-sick.
And no attention span for movies, either. Thank goodness for Corner Gas, the 22 minute Canadian prarie-comedy, which I'd never seen before, but thanks to Apple TV, now own seasons 1-4. It's such a hoot! The downside? Laughter induced coughing fits.

In other news - I have short hair. Yup. After years and years of sporting longish locks, I gave my stylist carte blanche with the scissors. It's okay... takes some getting used to, but much easier to manage. And I'm honestly not sorry to see the French braid go. I think.

And finally, a long overdue episode of Overheard at the Kinsons:
My son is taking part in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser at school so they had a representative for the Heart & Stroke Foundation come to their class to give a talk. How did this go down? My four year old boy greeted me at pick-up time with: Mom, I need to fill this envelope with money for the Heart & Bounce Station.
Later that day (and after being gently corrected): Dad! You have to give me money for the Found Heart Dalmation.

Honestly... I could NOT make this stuff up.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ouch. Trampolining is harder than it looks...

Three friends and I enrolled in a trampoline fitness class.
Bouncing up and down... How hard can it be, right?
Yeah... big misconception. It's exhausting! BUT FUN. What other form of exercise prompts spontaneous outbursts of giggles?

The pain. Now that's a not so much fun. I expected the knees and lower back to give me trouble, but no... it's my trunk that's in serious trouble. I seemed to have pulled/strained/shredded (pick your verb) the group of muscles (and I use that term loosely) around my midsection, from my mid-spine around my rib cage. Hurts to breathe.
Then yesterday, after trampoling, while at the grocery store, I twisted my knee. Heard the joint click as I swivelled to exit my car and, much to the disgust of the mom-of-2-toddlers getting into the car next to mine, swore loudly at the accompanying pain.
So the question is, was I weak from jumping, or was that just a flukey coincidence? Either way, I am limping and stiff and entirely unable to take deep breathes. And popping Advil. And wondering why my 42 year old body hates me so.

In Movies:

Adventureland - it was just okay. A nice flashback to my youth in the 80's. They should have given Kristin Wiig (SNL) more than 4 lines. She's way too funny to waste. This one can wait until DVD.

I Love You, Man - so so funny. This is a hilarioius must-see. Paul Rudd is a charming beta-hero and Jason Segal is beyond great. Don't wait for DVD. Get a sitter and go.

Yes Man (DVD) - Jim Carrey is hit or miss with me. This one was a hit. Fun PG movie that I thought would be fun to watch with my 9 yr old son. Luckily - LUCKILY, I quickly realized my judgement in error, just moments before the old-lady-blow-job scene. Whew... that was close.
But yeah... worth the rental price.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Take THAT, Susan Boyle :)

We've all, by now, seen the phenom of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent (and if you haven't, please Google it -- so worth seeing!)

I give you something equally as pleasing, Stavros Flately.

Please empty your bladder and sit down to watch this one.


I went away the week before Easter without my computer. Must admit, I felt totally lost the first few days, but miraculously, I survived ;)

Turned out to be a terrific opportunity to make a dent in the TBR (print book) pile. Remember how a couple of posts back I wanted to bulk up the summer reading list? I'm happy to report that I've made an impressive start.

Beginning with... The Kama Sutra (not the picture version). Very interesting 'literature'. Contrary to my belief, it wasn't exclusively about sex/positions/physical pleasures, but concerned more with social graces, acceptable courting behaviour, etc.

I tried... TRIED!!... to read Jane Austin's Pride and Predjudice, but couldn't seem to get into it. Why?? I so wanted to love.

Perhaps because I'd seen the movie (both versions) and felt like I already knew what was coming? Or maybe I simply wasn't in the mood for a period piece?

The latter is certainly a possibility as I haven't had much luck getting into any of the historicals I've got lying around lately. It's a mood thing, right? I've had Lisa Kleypas's Mine 'til Midnight on my nightstand for about 2 months and can't bring myself to crack it. And I KNOW it'll be good once I begin but I can't get over the hesitation.

Moved on to more Kelley Armstrong. To this point I'd only read her non-paranormal Nadia Stafford books (hit woman extraordinaire), so with much eagerness, dove into Bitten, which is about Elena Michaels, werewolf.
Rocked so much I followed up with Stolen the very next day. Have to hold back from Dime Store Magic for a few more days/weeks, though it's killing me.

Tried another Canadian author by the name of Linwood Barclay. If you enjoy Harlan Coben (Hold Tight was amazing. Go forth and read!), give this guy a try. His style is similar (though not quite as polished as Coben - but Coben has how many books out? ... which gives him an experiencial edge) and his plot/pacing is terrific. 'No Time for Goodbye' is now out in paperback and I'm highly recommending it. Just make sure you have a clear calendar for you won't want to put it down. I couldn't.... and ended up reading it into the wee hours, but it was worth it.

Interesting note - Barclay used to be a regular columnist for the Toronto Star. His pieces were so engaging that I felt like I knew him and his oft mentioned family. So naturally, I'm totally rooting for him in his writing career and hope he rockets to international fame. Like he cares what I think... LOL

If you haven't seen it yet, TL has a book cover! Her Mirror Blue is due for release on May 1st (squee)

As for my own writing, as of yesterday (Tuesday), my writing break is over. I'm kinda scared to jump back in (oh the neurosis lurking in the writer's mind!) but it's now or never. But I've chosen to shelf Jump Zone indefinitely. I may work on something short and light for Ellora's Cave just to regain my courage, before dusting off the paranormal from hell that gave me nightmares last year. ;)

Tomorrow (and by that I mean next week, maybe the week after...) I'll talk about the movies I've been catching up on.

Happy writing, happy reading!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Life on Mars

I'm currently on holiday... if you can call visiting family up north a 'holiday'. It's cold here. Pity me.
And thank goodness for autoposting :)
Watched the final ep of Life on Mars and WOW - very cool ending. Despite the title, I confess... I totally didn't see that coming. D'oh.

Have you been watching? Thoughts on ending?? I'm really going to miss that show, especially the music. And No-Nuts. Think of the lawsuits that nickname would launch today!