Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hey, where'd she go?

Kinda quiet in here...
Nope - didn't fall of the end of the earth, but motherhood is smothering the Wylie right out of me! Haven't written lately (but hoping to change that soon) due to a badly planned overkill of children's activities ranging from school projects (Grade 4 is HARD!!!), martial arts and soccer. I don't remember my childhood being this crazy. Better go check with my mom...

Blogging has sadly fallen off the priority list, but before I disappear for another extended period of time (otherwise known as summer holidays) I must mention:

Thomma Lyn Grindstaff's Mirror Blue is out. This literary romance is a MUST READ. Her characters are richly drawn and grounded in real-life, full of conflict and utterly engaging. (And she's the only author I know who can mix cats, hogs and snakes effortlessly into a plot!! LOL)

Happy summer!