Saturday, September 30, 2006

Three Books in Five Days... Whew!

Since Monday, I've polished off three Mary Jo Putney novels, leaving the 'books on the shelf' to gather more dust. Why the MJP marathon? I have the priviledge of hearing her speak to the Toronto Romance Writers meeting in two short weeks and having never read her work, would feel quite the fraud sitting amongst her fans. So off I took myself to the library to see what MJP was capable of. (BTW - I would normally go to the bookstore -- used or new -- to buy-to-own, but I didn't want to make the commitment to MJP, just yet, hence the library)
I'm not going to give synopsees (is that a word?), that's what Amazon is for, but I'll tell you this:
The first two I read were good, better than average romances with lots of heart, believable and likeable characters and predictable story archs. I had no regrets about the lack of sleep I was getting. Then I read "One Perfect Rose" and my admiration of Ms Putney skyrocketed. I cried my eyes out for a good number of pages. Great tension and tender, emotionally charged storytelling - wow! Without giving away any secrets, I will say this: I didn't agree with the ending because it was a bit too Hollywood, but I didn't let that one small detail ruin a very good, no - excellent, reading experience.
And by some slim chance, should I have the chance to exchange words with MJP at the upcoming meeting, I shall ask her if her editors forced her to take the easy way out!
Or would that be rude?

Get it, read it, enjoy "One Perfect Rose".

As much as I enjoy the romance genre, I've come up for air with Kate Mosse's "Labyrinth". Already one hundred pages in and am having a hard time putting it down. Excellent historical references and compelling characters. Man, I love a good book!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Family Jewels

While channel surfing to kill a few minutes before a promised early night to bed, I discovered an absolutely hilarious reality show on A&E. It took me by complete surprise because
  1. I try to avoid reality television at all costs (except for Rockstar - damn good performances!!) and
  2. the subject of the reality show is a man I would never have pegged for a 'normal' guy.
Incase you haven't guessed, the show is Gene Simmons' Family Jewels starring the 57 year old singer of KISS. I found this ironically amusing because I was introduced to KISS when I was in the sixth grade and instantly fell in love with the painted foursome, whose records were banned by my mother who was quite certain they were Devil Worshippers. But that's exactly why I liked them! They were NEVER seen without their make-up in those days (thank God, because collectively they define fugly), kept their mystery by always being in character and brilliantly allowed the rumors of satanism drive their album sales.
I LOVED KISS. I loved their funky logo that was so easy to doodle on my pencil case and I loved that my mother disapproved of me loving them! I loved Ace Freehly, the Spaceman. (I never got the whole Paul Stanley with the big lips thing - which goes to show how young I was!)
I left KISS fandom behind sometime around 10th grade, when being rebellious meant liking The Clash and anything with the word 'underground'. I just assumed KISS would cease to exist without my loyality. Boy was I wrong! From the brief episode I caught, Gene's fans are still as devoted and freakish as ever.
But the biggest surprise was Gene, the man. He is, dare I say, normal, with teenage kids that roll their eye's at 'old' dad, think his fans are old and take great pleasure in aiding mom in the burning of dad's pleather lace-up pants. After 22 years, he's still with Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed, although not married, and they appear to have a wonderful, honest relationship, complete with the playful frustration and eye-rolling encounters shared by most long-term couples.
This family is the 'Cleavers' compared to the 'Osbournes' (which I only saw once but was quite disgusted!) Their language didn't need censoring and they genuinely seemed to like each other's company. Their daughter Sophie and son Nick were equally engaging, well-mannered, and were never shown with a beer, cigarette, mobster friends, or fighting one another. There was no pink hair, multiple piercings (visible, anyway), freaky clothes or spoiled outbursts.
It was this very 'mundane-ness' that kept me glued to the television. How could the Devil-Himself head this charming family? And he's funny! He thankfully doesn't take himself too seriously and easily plays the fall-guy to his strait family.
A wee bit of me is disappointed. Where's the Beast from my youth? How could he grow up to be a father who loads the dishwasher and plays mini-golf with a fan? That little teensy bit of my rebel youth is crushed!!
On the other hand, it was extremely refreshing to know that under the painted face was just a guy.
My mother would be disappointed...

PS - it's on Monday nights, A&E, 10pm est.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I just found the coolest blog - Post Secret. Contributors anonymously send their deepest, darkest secrets via postcard. New ones appear every Sunday. This is so much better than celebrity gossip! These are real people, with real secrets that they're too afraid to say out loud. Some are so sad, some hilarious, others are down right scary. Thinking of sending in one myself.... "I write erotica and my mother thinks I write children's books" (hee hee)
Check it out - the link is on my sidebar.

My New Love is a Bull, and Click Me

Is all about the Bull
I was having a particularly challenging, sleep deprived week and my dear hubby introduced me to the magic that is Red Bull. Oh Baby, I lurves me the Bull!! With only 80 mg of caffeine (on par with a coffee), what makes the Bull so darn effective? What magic lies within the skinny aluminum can?? It's pleasant tasting, sweet, although I had the sugar free, and there's no bitter aftertaste as with the four cups of coffee I would usually drink to bring myself to alertness. Not even a post-caffeine headache. Wow, I say. Does it come in a bulk pack?
I've sold out to commercialism. You'll notice that I've added Google Adsense to my sidebar. Why? I don't know really. Just desperate for the few pennies I may garner by having you click the ads. So here's the deal: I'll try to post fun, witty commentary if you'll promise to click my ads when you visit. I'm saving up for a stick of bubble gum. Please help me reach my goal.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Second Review of Bella Fiore

Second review of Bella Fiore has just come in from CoffeeTime Romance. Here's an excerpt:

A contemporary short story with a refreshing erotic twist written in the first person, seemingly as if the author was talking directly to a best friend about her daily life. Smooth delivery with the erotic touch, and most definitely spicy.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Holy Crap - Did I Write This?

I wrote this little poem a couple of years ago and just dug it out. Upon re-reading I thought, Damn! That's good!

Then I threw my shoulder out trying to pat myself of the back.

Waiting for the Sun

Wylie Kinson, copyright 2003

And so it begins
The rhythm of nature
Tap tap tapping at the glass
Smothering me in gray
Reaching in to invade my sunny soul
With cold steel needles
Long tendrils of gloom take hold
Wrapping me in despair
But still I fight
I cling to the memory of a bright sky
That feeds the light of my heart
Hoping to feel the warmth on my face
Before I break under the hypnotic pulse of God

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way ...

... to my profile page. I was going to update my personal info when I realized that I've had 283 views. 283!!!
Who are all of you people? My social circle has not exceeded 8 since I graduated high school, so maybe you're interested in my book/s? So you were expecting a porn site, right? Come on, the lady writes erotica, let's check out her blog for some spicy antics, hot tips for the bedroom, sex toy reviews. So sorry to disappoint!
There are so many erotica websites and blogs, I just knew I couldn't compete. My personal motto is: Anything worth doing is worth doing well, - and just between you, me and the other 282 people, Erotica is not my forte. How I stumbled into literary erotica is a bit of a long winded joke (I'll save it for another day). So the question remains, why have 283 people visited my blog but not left comments? Don't you like what I'm saying? If you disagree, please comment. If you agree, please comment. If you could care less, please comment. If you have suggestions for topics (please), please comment.
Whether I receive feedback or not, I'm gonna continue to blog, ...
but I'd still like to hear from you. Anyone?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Canadians ROCK!

Lucas Rossi from TORONTO, is the new lead singer for SUPERNOVA!

Everyone! Get your hands in the air....
Say yeah, YEAH!, yo, YO! rock, ROCK! and roll, ROLL!!! OH YAAAAAAH!! (playing air guitar)

Sadly, Rockstar is over. Oh how I'll miss the Tuesday night performances! Hate to gloat about being right, but wasn't it little ole me who proclaimed Dilana and Lucas the only rockers worthy of being on stage with the three stooges? And what two rockers were left standing at the end? Yup! I was right (as usual - lol). And second place wasn't bad for Dilana - she was offered the chance to tour with them as an opening act.
So for those keeping score - that's two wins for Canada, zip for the rest of the world.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First Review for Bella Fiore

Well - I'm kinda chuffed this morning... Bella Fiore just had it's first review and here's what Tara M. from TwoLips Reviews had to say:

"I enjoyed Bella Fiore and often found myself wishing there really was a spa like that. Wylie Kinson’s descriptions made me feel like I was really there in the room. It was a quick and easy read. If you’re looking for an entertaining way to spend a half hour I suggest you read Bella Fiore."

Aw, shucks! Thanks Tara M.

I'm all giddy inside!

Brad Pitt is at the Toronto Film Festival. Why should this concern me? Because I live 30 minutes north of the Big Smoke and it's the closest I'll ever physically be to the world's most perfect man.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

On the Bookshelf

Decided to add a new category to my sidebar, entitled On the Bookshelf because for probably the first time ever, I've got more than just one or two books spilling from the drawers of my nightstand. Usually a quick reader, I practically devour any new releases from my fave authors (Nelson DeMille - I'm waiting!!), but lately I have been caught up in so many other projects, little time is left to stick my nose in a book. But that hasn't stopped me from aquiring, hence the stack continues to grow!
This explains the sense of frustration I felt after reading that horrible intrigue/romance I blogged about yesterday - the really really bad one, which shall not be named. Out of all of the potential on the shelf, I randomly pick what I thought was a sure-fire hit and land a dud. Incidently, I checked out the reviews on and wasn't surprised to see that many other readers of the "New York Times best selling author" were also dreadfully disappointed. Contrary to my inner bitch, this does not please me. I'm embarrassed for the author and ashamed of the editor/publisher.
Let us pray:
Dear Lord,
Should I ever become a best selling author, please bless me with a crack editing team and friends with cajones large enough to tell me when I suck.


I want my money back!!

I just read one of the absolute worst books I've ever had the misfortune to read. Six precious hours of my life are gone forever - wasted on bad literature. It's a shame. Normally, if a book isn't doing it for me, I put it down and try to forget about it. In this particular case I just couldn't because it was written by a very well-known, prolific, "New York Times Best Selling" author. Three chapters in I knew it was crap, but didn't want to believe it. I convinced myself that it would, no, had to get better. Alas... it didn't and I feel so cheated! The dialogue was pathetic, the plot atrocious, the characters ridiculous. I found three spelling mistakes - they were so obvious they jumped off the page - and one character's last name changed (for NO apparent reason) from Elizabeth Fargas to Elizabeth Verras within the 300 or so pages. Why? I guess that I, the poor reader, will never know. Or why was one character nicknamed Pitty Pat? They hinted that we would find out, but no-where in the book was this man's nickname mystery revealed. Duh!
The funny thing is, I don't blame the author, I completely blame the editors at Jove Books for releasing such drivel ... even if it came from one of there most famous writers. Someone needed the balls to stand up to Ms Author and say - uh uh. No way. Keep working on it. You can do better.
I want my $10.50 back!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


That's the sound of me eating my words.
Rockstar Update: Toby Rand (the Aussie), whom I wrote off AGES ago, just keeps getting better and better every week. He's so hot! He's developed into this powerhouse stage performer and now that he's got the black eyeliner and hair gel working for him, he's looking every bit the part. Me thinks he may be the front-runner!
My fave, Dilana, has had some kind of emotional breakdown. Her voice is still PERFECT in every way and her stage presence awesome - but everytime they show her in a non-performing situation, she sounds like a lunatic with an inferiorty complex. She seriously needs to take a few arrogance lessons from Lukas. Her talent certainly warrants some cockiness - but not stupidity! It's making me so sad...
Storm, baby! - Didn't think you'd last this long but the girl rocks! Her original song was amazing.
My final three - Dilana (I'm still loyal!), Toby and Lucas.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!

HOURS left until the first day of school (*tapdances around room*).
School clothes shopping was a marathon event as Jr was making a transition from a 'uniformed environment' to a wear-what-the-hell-you-please school. He'll either be the coolest kid in the class - mostly because his mother is a terrible comparison shopper and bought everything at full price in one of the better establishments - or be a total nerd because everything mom bought coordinated like a magazine layout. Either way, I figure, I've done something wrong, because that's what mothers do; screw-up their children's lives at the earliest possible age. If we didn't, Oprah would be out of a job.

LOTR on stage: I *wanted* to love it . . .

Saw the musical stage production - days before it closed in Toronto to make it's London debut. I'm not even sure what to say about it... I wanted to love it. I loved some of it. I liked most of it. I'm glad I saw it (reasons later), but must ask "What the hell were the producers thinking?" Come on you 'experienced-show-business-people'! You can't put a 9 pound bag of flour into a 3 1/2 pound jar and not make a mess! Did they really think they could take a complex 3-novel series, 9-hour-movie and do it justice by cramming it into a 3 1/2 hour stage production? Even the conversion from book to movie lost a few scenes!
So what we had was an extremely complex, confusing abridgment, set to music. I read the books (twice), saw the triple-feature (a few times) and couldn't figure out how anyone who doesn't share my particular obsession with Tolkien could follow the plot.
Now for the good stuff: The actors were all very talented and did an amazing job despite the confusion, the singing and music was hauntingly lovely -- although there were no songs looping through my head afterwards, like after seeing Les Mis, Rent, Chicago or Phantom.
The sets, OH THE SETS! The scenery was absolutely magnificent. Magical! Fantastical!! My head is still trying to wrap around the complexities of the multi-level rotating stage, the amazing use of lights and 'things' coming down from the sky (my theatre lingo is obviously limited), and how on earth they created the most magical realm of Lothlorien right before my very eyes. It was worth the outrageous ticket price for that alone. The Ents (Treebeard) were favorites, as was Gollum (Smeagol), who ultimately stole the show.
Upon reflection - they should have done a play 'BASED ON' the LOTR, and they probably would have had a hit.
I also wonder why they didn't they do 'The Hobbit' instead? It was shorter book and included almost the same cool characters, a fun adventurous story and would have been a perfect compliment to the LOTR movie. Would someone in Hollywood/Broadway/Rockstar Land, PLEASE read my blog for sound advice from the public? I'm not arrogant enough to think I could run Entertainment-Land, but I'd make a DAMN GOOD CONSULTANT!

What Have I Become? and Tres Funny

When I began blogging, I SWORE that I wouldn't become a once-a-weeker, and here I am - exactly what I didn't want to become. Here's the thing: I had house guests all week and have been too busy to check my email, let alone come up with witty, newsy things to chat to no-one about. But it has been an exciting week!
Good, no GREAT movie:
If you live in Canada, or are Canadian (you lucky bastards), get yourself to the theatre to see 'Bon Cop, Bad Cop'. HILARIOUS! I must admit, I was skeptical going in - I mean, Canada ain't Bollywood - but it was very entertaining, extremely well-acted, and delightful from start to finish. It's 'change your panty-liner funny. It highlights the Canadien/Canadian stereotypes brilliantly, with equal mocking of both sides, makes fun of our unnatural obsession with hockey, - all with an enjoyable plot. The dialogue switches between French and English with subtitles to help the monolinguists. Did you know that the French word 'tabernac' in it's masculine and feminine forms can be used as verb, noun and adjective, much like the English equivalent of 'fuck'? It's discussed in a particularily side-splitted scene while the main characters are trying to shove a very large badguy into a trunk -- sort of reminiscent of the Quarter Pounder/Burger Royale speech in 'Pulp Fiction' -- only better!