Monday, September 28, 2009

Writing, or at least i think it is.

With both kids back at school (though one is only in kindergarden so 1/2 days only), I've managed to get back to writing. YAY!
At least I think it's writing... I'm so rusty that the words are coming agonizingly slow. And I'm very unsure of myself so have been relying on my good buddy Red Garnier (who has a novel coming out this December called Satin Sash that is sooooo hot it will make your toes curl!) for the occassional ego boost. Everyone needs a Red in their life. Truly. Someone who'll read your sh*t and assure that you don't suck, but also make little suggestions to take an okay scene into a rockin' good piece of fluff :)

What am I working on?
A light contemporary. I'm aiming for category length, but we'll see. I've never been good at sticking to expected word counts so I may end up with a saga.

What are you working on?

Friday, September 25, 2009

But she promised to only brag once!

Hey, remember I mentioned that futuristic, post-apocalyptic book of mine that finalled in the Original Golden Opportunity Contest -- JUMP ZONE???
(Yes, I know... I promised to only brag once... but this is more of a reference point rather than outright tooting-of-horn)

Where was I? Oh yes, the future! It's impossible to foresee the future but one must make educated guesses, extrapolations, etc... based on the knowledge we now have. A writer's future world MUST have some degree of authenticity so readers don't toss it to the wall and declare it absolute rubbish.
In my case, I wrote about a future world that was devasted by a combination of war and climate change... so naturally, I can't wait to see this film starring one of my fave Brit actors Pete Postlethwaite (try saying that name after a few pints!):

The Age of Stupid: A wakeup call on climate change

I'd love your thoughts.

One last thing. If you enjoy historical romances and you haven't read Judith James's BROKEN WING, I urge you to. It's very different. Busts the comfortable barriers of more traditional HRs but in a refreshing, dark and dramatic way. Go. Read. Support this book.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's in your mouth?

A friend mentioned that she'd had a few metal amalgams removed.
I thought she was talking about her star chart...
alas, I am stupid. Amalgams are dental fillings.

Like most good Canadian children who were raised on pixie sticks and MacIntosh toffee, I have a fair share of mercury amalgams myself so naturally I asked her why she was getting hers removed.
Apparently, mercury is a dangerous substance to have in our bodies (right Jeremy Piven??) and they've outright banned mercury amalgams in many countries. In Canada, they're not given to pregnant women or children. But the U.S. FDA seems to think they're okay.
I realize there are always two sides to the story, and having read a bit on both points of few, decided to share my favorite article (at least the one that made me groan, chuckle and gasp with fear):

I especially liked the bit about a school evacution due to a teeny tiny amount of mercury leaking from a necklace.
Perhaps this will age me, but when I was in school -- elementary and highschool -- a big highlight in science class was a game of Let's Chase the Mercury! whereby the teacher spilled the silver liquid on the floor and we stupid unsuspecting and now quite poisoned children ran after the little balls as they scattered about.
Any one else?? LOL
Guess I'll see you on the Alzheimer's Ward in a few...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Hello Blogworld! It's been awhile :)

One heck of a busy summer. But it had a GLORIOUS ending, which I'll brag about just once, I promise:
My futuristic, post-apocalyptic novel, Jump Zone, finalled in the Original Golden Opportunity Contest and is now sitting on the desk of a Dorchester editor for a final round of judging. Squee!

My fellow Toronto Romance Writer, Bonnie Staring, finalled too in they YA category, so let's give a WHOOP to the BonStar!! (pom pom swish)
And your Summer Lovin' activities? Come on, play along and tell me, what was the HIGHLIGHT of your holidays?